The Google Empire

The more I become involved with following the companies on the Internet the more fascinated I am with the way top companies have harnessed the power of the internet to generate streams of income for millions of people.

In 1995, Larry Page and Sergey Brin met at Stanford and developed an idea that has grown into what we know as Google, a play on the word googol. From all of my research and recent conversations I have concluded the Internet has something more unique than it’s ability to search out content and information. The Internet provides us with the unlimited possibility to create solutions that might just better our place in the world. There is access to history, portals for learning, and yes even instructions on how to turn the internet into a cash generating machine for the everyday person.

I recently built a blog site in hopes of organizing my writings for a book deal one day. the effort of generating newspaper articles has given me steady practice at channeling my thoughts and placing my ideas on paper. From the dot com era I have been fascinated with the world of the Internet and the unlimited potential it contains. Google has singularly placed itself at the top of all search engines with its rapid response to any inquiry related to any topic.

How do you maximize the world of the Internet to receive some sort of value monetarily? is there a way to generate additional income from online advertising, your own website, or even visiting other people’s websites.

Over the next few weeks I will visit the topic in detail and post my findings. I welcome your feedback and comments as I seek to inform readers of the Herald Bulletin, City of Anderson, Indiana, and residents of Madison County at large of my findings.

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Hello world!

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